Art-Magazin, 2015

48 Stunden Neukölln - Berlin

Hohe Ziele, niedrige Decken

"Das Zentrum der Schau mit dem Titel "BOTSCHAFTEN/en/er" bildet eine hängende Leuchtinstallation von Brittany Gould, die allein durch den Lichtausfall an ihren Rändern sämtliche anderen Arbeiten in ein gleißendes, nahezu aggressives Licht taucht. Das zieht immer neue Passanten in das Ladengeschäft, lässt sie aber im richtigen Moment wieder los, um die anderen, leisen Arbeiten zu entdecken. "


westword, 2015

Brittany Gould's Debut Solo Show, Swells, Opens April 4 at Leon

"Gould has further developed her ideas using a mixed-media approach in a seeming attempt to use her art to visually articulate the intersection between individual artistic expression and universal truths that don't yet lend themselves to verbal explication"



Very Nearly almost 2016

Exhibition Review ‘Direction / Instruction’ at Paradigm Gallery

Brittany Gould creates highly complex geometric lights using only simple paper triangles, and the delicate combination creates a wonderful kind of minimalism in her work.  


Arch Daily, 2015

Porterhouse by Laris / Kokaistudios

"A further highlight of the restaurant is the wall-mounted sculpture of light by Berlin-based artist, Brittany Gould. Sited between the main dining room and semi-private dining space, the large-scale artwork complements the restaurant’s ceiling design, continuing the parametric motif with warm light emanating from within its complex, patterned form."


Westword, 2013

Brittany Gould talks about her piece for Design After Dark, "Dreaming in Another Language"

"From tangible paper-made objects to beautiful vocal loops created live as her audience watches, the Washington, D.C., native's temperate approach to art comes through with a fierce individuality."