Direction/Instruction - Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Soft Features - Galerie at Merseburger Strasse, Berlin, Germany



Swells - Leon Gallery, Denver, CO

Direction/Instruction - Svperordinary, Denver, CO

Direction/Instructon - C.A.V.E. Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

48 Stunden Neukölln - Transmitter, Berlin, Germany

Tech Open Air 2015- Berlin, Germany



Traute Haben48 Stunden Neukölln - Transmitter, Berlin, Germany

Mindscape Universe/ performance with lucia kempkes - Galerie Vincenz Sala, Paris, France


Mindscape - Staycation Museum,Berlin, Germany
Design After Dark - Cirque, Denver Art Museum Design Council, Denver, CO


Art Meets Beast - Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO
Design After Dark - Bespoke, Denver Art Museum Design Council, Denver, CO
Specimans - Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO
Group Show I - Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO


Consonance/Dissonance - GNU Experience Gallery, Fort Collins, CO
Ironwood, Denver, CO
Brittany Gould and Gillian Wagoneer - Good Thieves Press, Denver, CO
On Being a Woman - Wazee Union, Denver, CO


Drew Englander and Brittany Gould - Illiterate Gallery, Denver, CO
Down with the Sickness Too - Illiterate Gallery, Denver, CO
The Visual Suspects, BFA Thesis Exhibition - Center for Visual Art, Denver, CO
We Ooze - Showcave, Los Angeles, CA
Storytelling - City O’ City. Denver, CO
The Unsuspecting Printmaker - Vicious Dog  Press, Auraria Campus, Denver, CO


A Motley Effort - 3557 Wazee, Denver, CO
RGB + CMYK - Space Gallery, Denver, CO
Love to Hate, Hate to Love - Redline Gallery, Denver, CO
Awake, But Still Dreaming - Emmanuel Gallery, Denver, CO
Antithesis - 3557 Wazee St, Denver, CO
Where the Wild Things Are - Illiterate Gallery, Denver, CO
Draw RINGS 3 - Rhinoceropolis, Denver, CO
Solo Exhibition - City O’ City, Denver, CO
Solo Exhibition - Pablo’s Coffee, Denver, CO

        Public Collections

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Berlin,Germany Commissioned through Art Consult, Frankfurt am Mainz, Germany

JW Marriott Key Hotel, Cleveland OH Commissioned through Kalisher Gallery, NC

JW Marriott Hotel, Chicago,  IL, USA, Commissioned through Kalisher Gallery, NC

JW Marriott Hotel, Orlando, FL, Commissioned through Kalisher Gallery, NC

Hard Rock Public Space, Tampa, FL, Wall Relief Sculpture- Commissioned through Kalisher Gallery, NC

Hotel- (undisclosed name), London, UK, Five Drawings- Commissioned through Visto Images, Paris FR/ Los Angeles, CA USA

JW Marriott - MINNEAPOLIS Mall of America, USA- Wall sculpture, Commissioned through NineDotArts, Denver Colorado

Porterhouse at Laris, Hong Kong, China- Illuminated Wall Sculpture, Commissioned through Kokai Studios, Hong Kong

Lex Hotel, New York, New York- Illuminated Sculptures- Commissioned through Kroesser + Stratt Design, NYC


Brittany Gould was born in Washington, D.C. in 1983. In 2010, she graduated with a BFA with emphasis in Printmaking from Metropolitan State University of Denver in Colorado. In 2013, she moved to Berlin, Germany where she lives and works creating intricate and emotional sound, light, sculpture and paper artworks that are reminiscent of natural forms, environments and landscapes.

She has been involved in solo and group exhibitions around the USA, Paris, France and Berlin, Germany. Some notable work, being her recent solo exhibition, “Swells” at Leon in 2015, and her sound performance and exhibition of physical centerpieces at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver for “Art Meets Beast.”

Photos of her work from group exhibitions have been featured in Juxtapoz online and Arte online (Germany), as well as she has received praise in architecture publications such as Wallpaper and ArchDaily for her artwork created for a Kokaistudios project in Hong Kong.